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The Integrated Information System on European Researchers (IISER) project is undertaken in cooperation and with the support of Directorate General for Research. It aims at setting up a sustainable European-wide information system to provide a dynamic overview of researchers' stocks, flows, mobility career development and motivations. Overall, the IISER system is building on three components:

  • Stock taking of new statistics developed by Eurostat and OECD, and notably via the CDH (Career of Doctorate Holders) project.
  • Improvement to current data collection with ad-hoc surveys launched by IPTS.
  • Regular up-dating and analysis of statistics and qualitative information.

The following trends' indicators have been produced and analysed:

  • The stock of researchers in the EU: This indicator provides an analysis of the stock and the recent evolution of the number of researchers in the EU. It presents as well a forecasting exercise of the number of researchers.
    The stock (and forecasts) of researchers in the EU (.pdf)
  • Number of researchers in the training phase and postdocs: The recent evolution of the number of graduates in the EU (by levels and main fields) has been calculated based on education statistics over the period 1998-2004. Information on postdoctorates in life sciences is also provided with a specific survey.
    Number of researchers still in the training phase and postdocs (.pdf)
  • Intra-EU mobility of researchers: This indicator provides details on the international mobility of researchers in the EU. More precisely, it gives indications on the intra-EU mobility of doctoral candidates in the EU.
    Intra-EU mobility of researchers (.pdf)
  • Mobility of researchers out of the EU: An analysis of the European doctoral graduates in the U.S. is presented with statistics from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Scholars of EU origin in the U.S. are also studied with statistics from IIE Open Doors.
    Mobility of researchers out of the EU (.pdf)
  • Researchers coming into the EU: An analysis of the origin of doctoral candidates in the EU is provided based on Eurostat data. An exercise of the estimation of the number of incoming mobile “researchers and engineers” in the EU-25 is undertaken based on national Labour Force Surveys.
    Researchers coming into the EU (.pdf)