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Mirror Group


The mirror group is composed by high-representatives of networks, international organisations and international academic and corporate experts.

The members of the mirror group are appointed by the S³ Platform steering team. The mirror group can propose the appointment of new members to the steering team.


The mirror group has an advisory role on the works of the platform both at a more general level including priority setting, and at a more detailed level on specific activities aimed at assisting policy-makers and practitioners.

It also provides relevant feedback thanks to the competence and position of its members.

In detail, the mirror group delivers advice and feedback mainly on the following subjects:

  • overall focus and priority setting for the work of the S³ Platform;
  • creation/management of expert database, involvement of experts in advice and assistance to regional policy-makers as well as peer review exercises;
  • development of a guide to policy-makers;
  • development of training activities to policy-makers and practitioners.

At each meeting, the members of the mirror group will be expected to express their opinions and proposals on the points on the agenda, interact with the other members and react to documents where appropriate.

The opinions expressed are those of the individual members of the mirror group and not necessarily those of the institutions/companies they represent.

The opinions of the mirror group are delivered at its meetings on the basis of:

  • documents prepared by the S³ Platform and distributed to the members of the group prior to its meetings;
  • discussions at meetings.