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The mission of the Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport Unit is to support the policy initiatives of the EU in these fields by delivering quantitative support for the corresponding economic analysis, as well as to carry out specific research geared towards the strengthening of the EU governance related to climate, energy, transport and environmental issues.   


ECCET plays a pivotal role within the JRC in the establishment of an integrated energy modelling platform with capacities in technology and sector-wise modelling as well as energy-environment-economy scenario analysis to allow reliable analysis of the effect of alternative policies and/or investment choices on world and EU energy markets and their associated environmental and energy security impacts.

Similarly, ECCET's contribution is a cornerstone in the overarching JRC objective of establishing of integrated transport modelling platform to link economic, land-use, energy efficiency, life-cycle-analysis and emissions models into a unique tool for the impact analysis of European transport policies.

The two above methodological toolboxes (mainly mirroring the economic analysis of mitigation policies) are complemented by a sound methodological approach to analyse the economic impact of climate change in Europe as well as global level, to inform the policy making process in the field of climate adaptation. To this end, and appropriate set of instruments is implemented to address in quantitative terms the socio-economic impact of policies adopted in energy-intensive sectors, as well as the economic consequences of inaction in terms of damages originated by increasingly severe climate change.

  • Studying and analysing the industrial dynamics in carbon and energy-intensive sectors
  • Supporting the definition and implementation of EU policies related to climate change (mitigation and adaptation), energy and transport
  • Developing scenarios for energy supply and demand
  • Providing projections on carbon emissions and delivering economic analysis of the impact of achieving set emission reduction targets
  • Address the economic impact of market organizational  and regulatory changes

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Head of unit: A. Soria

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