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The mission of the Knowledge for Growth Unit is to provide evidence-based strategic techno-economic intelligence to support research, innovation, education and regional policy making in the EU.


The main objective of this area is to support the implementation of the Innovation Union flagship initiative as main contributor to each of the three pillars of the overall Europe 2020 strategy, namely growth that is smart, sustainable and inclusive. Research, education and innovation have a critical role to play in the creation of economic prosperity. The resolution of major societal challenges and the development of win-win policies designed to stimulate the economy and tackle major societal challenges are both viable and desirable. The long-term objective in this area is to become the Commission’s reference centre for quantitative analysis of the knowledge economy, building on a solid toolbox of modelling, foresight, databases, econometric and analytical capabilities. Specific objectives are:

  • to assess the impact of innovation policies and various business innovation factors (R&D, physical capital, human capital, etc.) on company performance, on sectoral dynamics as well as on economic growth and employment
  • to analyse the barriers to the development of the European Research Area, in particular, reforms in Universities, mobility of researchers, R&D specialisation and transnational cooperation between national research programmes
  • to provide the EU with evidence supporting the improved use of structural funds for research & innovation projects, for helping people to acquire the necessary skills, for infrastructures and for implementing smart specialisation strategies
  • to combine effectively foresight competences to identify scenarios and priorities for research and innovation funding, for joint programming or for international collaboration, with economic modelling in order to assess the potential impact of those scenarios and priorities.

Scientific actions

Knowledge for Growth Unit is currently managing the following actions:

Knowledge for Growth is also managing the following additional project: Smart Specialisation Platform

additional information Head of Unit: X. Goenaga Beldarrain


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