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Isse 67 - September 2002

Special Issue: Identity and Privacy

Editorial. Identity and Privacy

Digital Identity in Context

As an increasing part of everyday life comes to involve the Internet, so new ways need to be devised to allow real-world social interactions to function in an online context. Technologies enabling identity management are set to play a key role in this process.

Privacy-Enhancing Identity Management

Individual privacy is an increasingly important issue in the context of the information society. Identity management offers a technical solution that gives individuals control over the type and quantity of personal information they release.

The Virtual Residence: Identity, Privacy and Security

A concept equivalent to that of "residence" is needed for the online world in order to address concerns over security, privacy and identity, and to foster trust and confidence among users.

Intelligent Agents and the Future of Identity

New information technologies make it possible to "intelligent agents" to track users’ on-line activities in a way that enables radical new services to be offered. However, if the potential benefits are to be realized, a number of concerns need to be addressed.

Identity and Privacy Issues raised by Biomedical Implants

Biomedical implants able to connect to the human nervous system are increasingly close to becoming a practical reality. Although they have numerous uses and potential benefits, they raise privacy and identity issues that need to be addressed.

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