Building an inventory of ICT-enabled Social Innovation initiatives promoting social investment in 'Integrated approaches to the provision of Social Services'
JRC Seville, European Commission

Filling in the questionnaire takes about 20 minutes on average, but in any case for technical reasons please submit your answer within 60 minutes from the start. Please provide the information about the service to the best of your knowledge. Thank you! Fields marked with are mandatory.

Name (title) of the service in the original language

Name (title) of the service translated into English

Acronym of the service (In the language most frequently used, probably in the original language. If there is an English acronym, please provide it in brackets as well)

Internet address (URL) of the service (its English version, if available)

Short description of the service. Please summarize:

  • What kind of social service is provided?
  • Who are the target users/beneficiaries?
  • Who provides the service?
  • What geographical area is covered by the service?
  • What is the key role played by information and communications technology (ICT) in the service (for example, how is ICT helping to improve service delivery, or to make an organisation more efficient, or to allow collaborations between different organisations and with users)?

Please choose the most appropriate social areas that the service addresses. (More than one answer is possible, if necessary.)

  • Out of those ticked at , please choose the single most appropriate social area that the service is addressing.

    Please indicate whether the service primarily targets older people (65 years or older) or is used by them.

    Please explain:

    • In what ways the service supports users/beneficiaries?
    • What are the main benefits delivered by the service?
    • What other beneficial effects can be mentioned for the provider (for example in financial terms or improvement of work conditions of staff) or the local community (for example the family members of the users, the neighbourhood, or the social welfare system)?

    Please explain the basis for the claims about the benefits listed above.

    • Is there a proof for any of the beneficial effects mentioned? For instance, reports by users or staff members and also more systematic internal or external assessments and calculations are all very relevant for us.
    • Please provide references for these assessments (year, author, methodology, URLs) if you can, and indicate whether they are publicly available.
    • Please indicate whether the assessments were done internally (INTERNAL) or an external (EXTERNAL) evaluator was involved.

    Indicate the country/ies where the service is running, or has run. (More than one answer is possible.)

  • Name of a region or a city where the service is provided in cases where the coverage is not countrywide.

    Starting date of service operation (e.g. delivering the service, contact with end users, etc.), year

    Current status of the service

    Ending date of service operation (if applicable), year

    Any other information or comments you would like to share with us regarding the service

    Please state if you allow us to make public all the information above (apart from the contact data information). The European Commission is collecting data regarding ICT enabled social innovation initiatives for research and policy making purposes. This information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose.

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