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Job Opportunities

The JRC offers a stimulating, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment in which to work and develop. Opportunities exist to join the JRC and to carry out challenging and interesting tasks. Qualified candidates who wish to pursue a research-oriented career are encouraged to consult the relevant pages on the JRC website. While the JRC's recruitment efforts focus predominantly on candidates with competences linked to the main activities of the organisation, opportunities do exist for others in occupational fields such as secretarial, financial, legal, human resources, public relations, information technology, health and safety, site service and maintenance (this list is not exhaustive).

In a nutshell, the JRC offers the following possibilities:

  • Permanent Officials
    • AD (administrator) and AST (assistant)
  • Temporary Agents
    • AD (administrator) and AST (assistant)
      Temporary agents can be recruited on four-year contracts, renewable once for a further period of two years. They are hired to perform specialised tasks of a temporary nature for which no internal candidates or candidates on reserve lists are available.
  • Contract staff
    • - Contract staff (FG I)
      - Auxiliary contract staff (FG II, III and IV)
  • Grantholders
    • - Category 20 (Ph.D.)
      - Category 30 (Post-doctorate or 5 years of relevant research experience after first university degree giving access to doctoral studies)
      - Category 40 (Senior scientist)
  • Seconded National Experts (SNEs)
    • SNEs must come from a national, regional or local public administration or an IGO (Intergovernmental Organisation). The SNE's employer must continue to pay the SNE's salary and to maintain his/her administrative status throughout the period of secondment.
  • Trainees
    • - Training related to the preparation of a thesis for a university degree
      - Training after university education (or its equivalent)
      - Industrial placement

Spontaneous applications

Access EU CV online and upload your CV. Do not forget to grant access to your CV ("make my CV accessible"), if you want to make it available to our services, and to keep it up-to-date (or to remove it if you are no longer interested in being recruited by us).

At the recruitment phase

The European Union is committed to user privacy. The policy on "protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions" is based on Regulation (EC) N� 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000. Please read the privacy statements relating to the selection and/or recruitment of various staff categories.