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Eligibility criteria

All qualifications required must be met prior to the signature of the grantholder contract unless specified in the Administrative Rules. These rules are applicable to the recruitment of researchers within the framework of the Research programmes managed by the Joint Research Centre.

“Researcher of category (cat.) 20, postgraduate level”: a student who submitted a proposal for doctoral studies which is related to a research area published in the institutes call for interest for fellowships. Prior agreement, to follow the research project, must be obtained from a university professor. The selected candidates must provide proof of enrolment in a university's doctoral studies programme before the fellowship may start.

“Researcher of category (cat.) 30, post doctoral level”: a researcher holding a doctoral degree or having fulfilled all the obligations to obtain a PHD (certified by the University) or having a minimum of 5 years research experience after the first university degree giving access to doctoral studies (which may include periods of training such as a masters degree) in a field relevant to the JRC's scientific activities.

Cat. 20 and 30 grantholder contracts are aimed at researchers starting their careers or at the early stage of their careers.

“Researcher of category (cat.) 40, senior scientist”: any senior scientist with a proven reputation in the field of science relevant to the JRC’s activities and who has, at signature of the contract, a minimum of 10 years research experience at post-doctoral level, or a minimum of 15 years research experience at post-university level (which may include periods of training such as a masters degree).


Grantholders must be nationals of a Member State or an Associated State or must have resided in a country of the European Union for at least five years prior to the start of the fellowship.

View the FP7 Third Country Agreements.


  • Category 20 and 30 fellowships are aimed at researchers starting their careers or at the early stages of their career.

  • The limit for category 40 contracts is 65 years of age.

Contract conditions

The grantholders will be employed under a Spanish working contract which includes social security contributions for health insurance, unemployment insurance and pension scheme and taxation.

Draft Employment Contract under Spanish Employment Law:

Overview on gross annual salaries and approximate monthly net salary of the different categories

Please read the vademecum for grantholders at the IPTS in Seville.

The net salary may vary according to family situation (ie. number of children)of the researcher. The gross annual salary, the mobility and travel allowances are subject to taxation according to Spanish law.


Gross annual salary


Aprox. monthly net salary

Category 20

32.279 €

Between 2.030 € and 2.560€

Category 30


Between 2.990 € and 3.450€

Category 40


Between 4.740 € and 5.210€


You can find detailed information on the eligibility criteria for the mobility and travel allowance in article 14 of the Annex II of the working contract.