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Mapping European Wireless Trends and Drivers

  • Authors: P. Ballon, C. Blackman, E. Bohlin, S. de Munck, S. Forge, J. Heres, A. Kips, S. Lindmark, R. Tee, W.-P. van der Laan, M. van Staden, and U. Wehn de Montalvo.
    Editors: E. Bohlin, S. Lindmark, C. Rodríguez, and J.-C. Burgelman
  • EUR Number: 22250 EN
  • Publication date: 5/2006


The Synthesis Report contains an overview of the findings of the project: Mapping European Wireless Trends and Drivers. It aims to present maps of emerging wireless technologies in Europe and the current trends in development. It also analyses the drivers that could support these emerging technologies, with particular emphasis on safety and security, and mobile virtual communities. It examines the effect that the regulatory environment will have on the evolution of these alternative wireless technologies and the implications for the Europe. Finally, it identifies policy options for European Union and Member States.
There are three Annexes to the report, one for each of the workpackages that made up the project. These Annexes provide detailed information on the objectives, the methods used and the findings of each workpackage. Though these Annexes have not been printed, they are available online at the DG JRC-IPTS website:
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3

Documents available

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Executive Summary application/pdf 562 KB Download a copy
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