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D1gital Territ0ries - Towards the protection of public and private space in a digital and Ambient Intelligence environment

  • Authors: Barbara Daskala, Ioannis Maghiros
  • EUR Number: 22765 EN
  • Publication date: 5/2007


The advent of a ‘whole new world’, a virtual or a ‘digital’ one, the Net, which seems to run almost in parallel to our ‘normal’ physical world, has already generated heated discussions on its numerous and often ambiguous impacts on our lives and our society at large. In this new reality and as technology becomes more ubiquitous and seamless, one thing is certain: more and more personal data would be required to be collected, stored and exchanged and our 'online'/ digital lives would be even more difficult to separate from our physical ones. Towards addressing this issue, the Digital Territories concept envisages to enable users to manage proximity and distance with others in this future ambient intelligence space, both in a legal and a social sense, as is the case in the physical world. The publication provides an overview of the DT concept and defines its basic categories and components. Furthermore, with a view to clarify and better understand the DT concept and its application, the authors consider some examples of certain online services and applications (current and future) that have already raised serious privacy considerations and discuss the benefits of applying DT application in these cases. Finally, specific considerations with regard to the application of the concept are identified, as well as future steps that could be made towards evolving and applying the concept.

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