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RFID Technologies: Emerging Issues, Challenges and Policy Options

  • Authors: Marc van Lieshout, Luigi Grossi, Graziella Spinelli, Sandra Helmus, Linda Kool, Leo Pennings, Roel Stap, Thijs Veugen, Bram van der Waaij, Claudio Borean. Editors: Ioannis Maghiros, Pawel Rotter, Marc van Lieshout
  • EUR Number: 22770 EN
  • Publication date: 5/2007


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, an enabling technology for automatic identification based on radio waves, will impact the daily lives of European citizens in many different ways, as it is a bridge between the physical and the virtual world. RFID has enormous socio-economic potential but it also brings challenges, such as serious security threats and the potential danger of impinging on personal lives, which if not addressed properly may limit the foreseen benefits from the wide-spread deployment of this technology. This report gives an overview of established and emerging RFID technologies, RFID standards and spectrum allocation, presents RFID market parameters and forecast, privacy and security issues and social aspects of RFID. Five case studies from different application sectors (animal tracking, healthcare, ICT sector, identity cards and public transport) allow us to draw conclusions about both specific areas of development and the whole RFID market in Europe. In the final part, the likely role of Europe is presented, as are policy options for further initiatives.

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