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The Role of ICT in the Economic Growth and Productivity of Andalucia

  • Authors: Jesús Rodríguez and Diego Martínez. Editors: Salvador Barrios and Elena Navajas
  • EUR Number: 22781 EN
  • Publication date: 6/2007


This study aims to measure ICT adoption in the Andalusian economy and to assess the contribution of these technologies to economic and productivity growth in the region. The topic of this research is highly relevant as, on the one hand, empirical evidence at the regional level is scant and, on the other hand, ICT and regions are at the core of the EU policy agenda. This study must be seen as a first step towards a regional approach to analysing the contribution of ICT to productivity and economic growth. The data and methodology used in the study are consistent with existing country-level studies and thus provide a useful starting point for further research addressing the impact of ICT on other EU regions.

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