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Environmental Improvement of Passenger Cars (IMPRO-car)

  • Authors: Fran├žoise NEMRY, Guillaume LEDUC, Ignazio MONGELLI, Andreas UIHLEIN
  • EUR Number: 23038 EN
  • Publication date: 3/2008


This report on "Environmental improvement potential of passenger cars" is the second scientific JRC's contribution to the European Commission's Integrated Product Policy framework which seeks to minimise the environmental degradation caused the life cycle of products. A previous study coordinated by the JRC (EIPRO study) had shown that private transport is responsible for 20% to 30% of the environmental impact of private consumption in the EU.
This report presents a systematic overview of the life cycle of cars, from cradle to crave. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the technical improvement options that could be achieved in each stage of a car's life cycle and which could be marketed within the next two decades. The report assesses the different options, their environmental benefits, their cost-effectiveness, their trade-offs, and the socio-economic barriers that these options would have to face.
The report has focused on the technical improvements related to the design of cars, such as the reduction of weight, improvement of the power train, reduction of rolling resistance of tyres. It also analyses improvements that rely on the driver's behaviour as speed control and eco-driving. The report examines each of the options taking into account the technical potential, the existing legislation and policy developments, and the barriers and drivers for the implementation of the different options.
The study presents the consequences that the adoption of these options might have on the environment such as global warming, generation of solid waste, acidification, energy consumption, etc. The study has also quantified the costs associated with the different options were implemented.

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