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Prospective Analysis of the Aquaculture Sector in the EU. PART 2: Characterisation of Emerging Aquaculture Systems

  • Authors: Helen Sturrock, Richard Newton, Susan Paffrath, John Bostock, James Muir, James Young, Anton Immink & Malcolm Dickson. Ilias Papatryfon (editor)
  • EUR Number: 23409 EN/2
  • Publication date: 9/2008


This report is based on the outcome of the study on "Prospective analysis of the aquaculture sector in the EU", launched and coordinated by the JRC (IPTS) and carried out by the University of Stirling. The report consists of two parts:
1) "Prospective analysis of the aquaculture sector in the EU - Part 1: Synthesis report", and
2) "Prospective analysis of the aquaculture sector in the EU - Part 2: Characterisation of emerging aquaculture systems."
This second report is concerned with the identification and characterisation of emerging aquaculture systems. The overall aim of the study is to provide a detailed analysis of how the EU aquaculture sector may respond to the many challenges and pressures faced with respect to economic, social and environmental issues, technological changes etc. As has been the case in the past, these challenges may lead to the emergence of new approaches, products and in the widest sense, aquaculture systems. The degree and possible directions of development of these "emerging systems" will be influential for the future of the EU aquaculture sector. This report aims therefore to provide greater technical detail on emerging aquaculture systems, and has also fed to the development of the synthesis report (Part 2).
Further update: click here for a Corrigendum to the report.

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