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Environmental Improvement Potential of Residential Buildings

  • Authors: Fran├žoise Nemry, Andreas Uihlein, Cecilia Makishi Colodel, Bastian Wittstock, Anna Braune, Christian Wetzel, Ivana Hasan, Sigrid Niemeier, Yosrea Frech, Johannes Krei├čig and Nicole Gallon
  • EUR Number: 23493 EN
  • Publication date: 9/2008


This report on "Environmental improvement potential of residential buildings" is a JRC's scientific contribution to the European Commission's Integrated Product Policy framework which seeks to minimise the environmental degradation caused the life cycle of products. A previous study coordinated by the JRC (EIPRO study) had shown that building occupancy and structure all together make up 20 to 35% of the impacts of all products for most impact categories.
This report presents a systematic overview of the environmental life cycle impacts of residential buildings in EU-25. It also provides an analysis of the technical improvement options that could be help reducing these environmental impacts, with a special focus to their main source, namely energy use for space heating. The report assesses the environmental benefits and the costs associated with these improvement options.

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