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The State of the Art of Research in the EU on the Uptake and Use of ICT by Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities

  • Authors: Maren Borkert, Pietro Cingolani and Viviana Premazzi
    Editors: Stefano Kluzer and Alexandra Haché
  • EUR Number: 23991 EN
  • Publication date: 9/2009


The report provides a snapshot of the current state of the art of socio-economic research undertaken in Europe on ICT and migrations. After briefly illustrating the evolution of studies on ICT and migrations, the report provides an overview of the literature (over 150 items) published on this topic between 2004 and 2008. The main themes and disciplines involved are identified, along with emerging research lines of investigation. Based on the questionnaires gathered in the study, the third chapter of the report focuses on European research institutes, experts and the projects addressing the domain of ICT and migration. About 40 expert researchers were identified, who are working in/for about 30 research organisations in 11 Member States and Switzerland; and are carrying out over 40 research projects. Overall, research in this field is conducted largely through networks of individuals (often junior scientists, most of whom are women) or small groups, with a growing interdisciplinary character. The report concludes that research on ICT and migration would benefit from a stronger focus on user and impact analysis, and more systematic comparative research across Europe. The authors also suggest a few topics that deserve further elaboration of theoretical approaches and could lead to cutting-edge, comparative research in this field.

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