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OLEDs AND E-PAPER - Disruptive potential for the European display industry

  • Authors: Simon Forge and Colin Blackman
    Editor: Sven Lindmark
  • EUR Number: 23989 EN
  • Publication date: 10/2009


The present report reflects the findings of the JRC-IPTS study related to Display Technologies (OLEDs and Electronic Paper). The report starts by introducing the technologies, their characteristics, early market diffusion and potential industrial impact, before moving to an analysis in terms of the contribution to the competitiveness of the European ICT industry.
The report concludes that both OLEDs and ePaper are both potentially disruptive, thus offering opportunities for the European industry to strengthen its position in the growing displays market. European strengths include its capacity in R&D, bulk materials and process equipment. It is weak in however complete display and/or device production. Nevertheless, if the EU industry concentrates in participating in the value chain, not hoping to dominate it end-to-end, then it can be a significant player in those mentioned segments as well in content distribution and new product design for some ePaper applications.

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