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Learning 2.0 - The Impact of Social Media on Learning in Europe.
Policy Brief

  • Authors: Christine Redecker, Kirsti Ala-Mutka and Yves Punie
  • EUR Number: Technical Note JRC56958
  • Publication date: 3/2010


Over the last few years, the Internet has had a profound effect on the private and professional lives of European citizens, offering them an increasing number and range of opportunities for accessing information, gaining and exchanging knowledge and realising personal learning goals. With the emergence of social media applications, which encourage a more active and interactive internet usage, this trend is developing further. Recent research conducted by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) indicates that the high take up of social media applications outside formal educational settings provides new opportunities for innovating and modernising Education and Training institutions and for preparing learners for the 21st century.
IPTS research suggests that social media can contribute to enhancing and innovating learning and teaching opportunities by supporting learning and professional development in a lifelong learning continuum; by contributing to equity and inclusion; and by improving the quality and availability of their learning material. Social media furthermore encourage more active and pro-active approaches to learning; open up new sources for information; and support collaboration between learners and teachers.
The findings indicate that learning strategies that make use of social media can contribute to innovation in Education and Training in Europe by facilitating technological, pedagogical and organisational innovation. These learning strategies can also help address the four strategic challenges of European Education and Training policies in the years leading up to 2020, thus contributing to the modernisation of Education and Training in Europe

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