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Study on Social Computing and Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities: Usage Trends and Implications

  • Authors: Dana Diminescu, Mathieu Jacomy and Matthieu Renault
    Editors: Stefano Kluzer and Alexandra Haché
  • EUR Number: Technical Note: JRC55033
  • Publication date: 3/2010


This report explores the research hypothesis that the shift from Web 1.0 solutions (exemplified by web portals, forums etc.) to Web 2.0 services (specifically blogs and online social networks) leads to mutations in migrant communities' collective organization and forms of living together. The above hypothesis was tested on a set of cases concerning the Romanian and the Moroccan migrant communities in Europe (mostly in France).
The specific case studies are the following: the approach to community organisation, integration and other aspects of two well-known Web 1.0 sites for migrants (Yabiladi for Moroccans and TheBans for Romanians); the role played by migrants in the development of the Moroccan blogosphere comprising 20-30,000 bloggers; the motivations behind relations established among second generation Moroccan adolescent and young adult immigrants on the Skyblog social networking site; the use of MySpace by Moroccan migrant musicians; the wide network of blogs of Romanian embroiderers throughout Europe; the image and parody of successful Romanian migrants on YouTube.
From a technical standpoint, these studies are based on an innovative web information system that enables us to monitor virtual spaces of migration by using various approaches and tools to understand their structure by analyzing and conceptualizing them via cartography (spatial representation).

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