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ICT for Learning the Host Country’s Language by Adult Immigrants in the EU – Workshop Conclusions

  • Authors: Stefano Kluzer, Anusca Ferrari, and Clara Centeno
  • EUR Number: Technical Note: JRC 57387
  • Publication date: 3/2010


It is widely acknowledged that L2 acquisition is a crucial factor for integration. However, language proficiency is not necessarily driving to integration. Language provision needs to be combined with a larger set of integration strategies, including cultural, social and professional perspectives. In order to address the current challenges of integration of adult migrants, workshop participants pointed at the need to develop a L2 educational approach for integration. In essence, this approach comprises four key elements: enhancing teachers' skills and work conditions; motivating learners by addressing their needs/goals with respect to integration in the host country; providing a flexible delivery in terms of time and location; catering for the full spectrum of learners' levels, skills and difficulties. ICT, which is already part of the everyday life of most migrants and of the host society, can play a crucial role in the implementation of this new, tailor-made educational approach for integration. The use of ICT for L2 education should not be questioned, but rather it is necessary to explore how to use effectively it to reap its full potential.

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