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Discussions on Learning in Online Networks and Communities

  • Authors: Kirsti Ala-Mutka
  • EUR Number: 24302 EN
  • Publication date: 3/2010


This document provides an overview of the discussion that took place 31 March – 1 April at IPTS, Seville, Spain, in the validation workshop of the interim results of the project on Innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities. This report presents the main messages from the workshop discussions in a structured fashion. The discussions highlighted both the difference and hybridity of informal and formal learning, and a need to find ways to benefit from both without losing the features that give them their strength. Online networked settings are playing an important role in people's lives and can provide new skills. However, participation in them does not necessarily lead to learning, neither is it available for all people. Educational systems need to recognise the existence of this online collaborative world where people are living and working, ensure that all people have skills and confidence to participate in it, and learn and benefit from it in developing new and efficient ways for teaching and learning.

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