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The Future of Learning: European Teachers’ Visions. Report on a foresight consultation at the 2010 eTwinning Conference, Sevilla, 5-7 February 2010

  • Authors: Kirsti Ala-Mutka, Christine Redecker, Yves Punie, Anusca Ferrari, Romina Cachia, Clara Centeno
  • EUR Number: Technical Note JRC59775
  • Publication date: 10/2010


Teachers are major stakeholders in the field or learning. However, they are rarely consulted when thinking about the future challenges and changes for education and training. To change this, IPTS took the opportunity to develop and discuss visions on the future of learning with teachers during the yearly eTwinning conference in February, 2010, in Seville. This report presents the outcomes of the consultation sessions, describing the views of the participating teachers on the future of learning and teaching.
The findings of this consultation process confirm the need to innovate and modernise school education to adequately prepare students for their future. Participating teachers foresaw that in 15 years’ time learning objectives will focus on competences rather than knowledge; learning will be more tailored to the needs of individuals and will be more active and connected to real life. Technologies will be an integral part of learning, work and life and teachers themselves will have become lifelong learners.
During the conference sessions, the following challenges were recognised for the European education and training systems to consider and address in order to develop future school learning. Firstly, school education must change to better respond to the needs of the economy and society. Secondly, ICT is creating and impacting change in learning, but more knowledge must be developed about its effective implementation. Additionally, teachers must be encouraged and supported to be part of implementing the change. Organizational change is also required to allow and encourage innovation in educational systems. Finally, policies should be better linked with developing educational practices.

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