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Trends in Public and Private Investments in ICT R&D in Taiwan

  • Authors: Dr. Shin-Horng Chen, Dr. Pei-Chang Wen and Dr. Meng-chun Liu
  • EUR Number: JRC63993 Technical Note
  • Publication date: 4/2011


The Information Society Unit of the IPTS (European Commission) has been investigating the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and ICT R&D in Asia for several years. This research exercise led to three reports, written by national experts, on China, India and Taiwan, each one including a dataset and a technical annex. This report covers Taiwan.
The report describes the ICT sector, gives a company level assessment, analyses the ICT R&D strategies, and assesses the Taiwanese innovation model.
Ever since the 1980s, the ICT industry has been the paramount engine of economic growth in Taiwan, with many Taiwanese-made ICT hardware products enjoying a significant global market share. Both foreign direct investment and technology transfer from the advanced countries, particularly the USA and Japan, have triggered local firms’ entry into the different subsectors over time, from the computing/communications manufacturing, Integrated Circuits and more recently to Liquid Crystal Display subsectors. However, local firms have also managed to establish strong technological and innovation capabilities through internal R&D, technology transfer from local research institutes, and the establishment of science parks. Behind this development are the well-regarded production and design capabilities of the Taiwanese ICT producers, which in turn have made Taiwan a major source of contract work for internationally prominent ICT firms.

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