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East Asian Growth. Broadband: Lessons from Asia

  • Authors: Martin Fransman
    Editors: Marc Bogdanowicz and Annaflavia Bianchi
  • EUR Number: Technical Note: JRC 63991
  • Publication date: 5/2011


The Information Society Unit of the IPTS (European Commission) has been investigating the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector and ICT R&D in Asia for several years. This research exercise led to a series of reports, written by European and by national experts of Asian countries.
This report covers Japan and Korea and investigates the puzzling statistics related to Broadband penetration in these countries. It draws out the lessons for Europe regarding the development of Broadband infrastructure, which in turn provides the basis for the evolution and transformation of the entire global ICT sector. More specifically, the report proposes three interrelated explanations of Broadband developments in Asia: first, the role played by what are referred to as ‘disruptive’ competitors or new entrants; second, the importance of competition between technologies; and third, the significance of the strength of regulation.

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