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ICT Use in L2 Education for Adult Migrants - A qualitative study in the Netherlands and Sweden

  • Authors: Marianne Driessen, Joanne van Emmerik, Knup Fuhri, Lilian Nygren-Junkin, Massimiliano Spotti
    Editors: Anusca Ferrari and Stefano Kluzer
  • EUR Number: Technical Note: JRC59774
  • Publication date: 8/2011


This report presents the findings of a comparative study on ICT use for L2 acquisition by adult migrants in the Netherlands and Sweden. For both countries, it provides information on their policy context and the requirements regarding L2 knowledge by adult migrants, on the ICT provision for L2 education and a qualitative snapshot of the role of ICTs for L2 education for adult migrants according to some key informants in both countries. Moreover, it supplies 5 case studies (3 for the Netherlands, 2 for Sweden), where the impact of ICTs for L2 acquisition has been investigated through ethnographic research, highlighting driving factors and barriers for the integration of selected ICT tools in the L2 provision for adult migrants.

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