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Comparative regulatory approaches for new plant breeding techniques - Workshop Proceedings

  • Authors: Maria Lusser and Emilio Rodríguez Cerezo
  • EUR Number: 25237 EN
  • Publication date: 2/2012


The JRC-IPTS organized a workshop on "Comparative approaches for new plant breeding techniques" in September 2011. In this workshop, the regulatory framework for biotechnology derived crops with specific focus on approaches for new plant breeding techniques in Argentina, Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan and South Africa was presented by experts from these countries. Additionally, experts discussed approaches and decisions for specific groups of new plant breeding techniques.
Whereas, in Canada products derived through biotechnology are treated as any other novel products (plants with novel traits, PNTs), specific biotechnology or GMO legislation was introduced in the other five countries. Experience with the regulation of crops obtained by new plant breeding techniques is very limited globally. While initial decisions have already been taken in a few countries, discussions have only just started in others. Deviating decisions (between countries and between techniques) have to be expected.

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