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Overview and Analysis of 1:1 Learning Initiatives in Europe

  • Authors: Anja Balanskat, Diana Bannister, Benjamin Hertz, Ester Sigillò, Riina Vuorikari
    Editors: Stefania Bocconi, Anja Balanskat, Panagiotis Kampylis, Yves Punie
  • EUR Number: JRC81903
  • Publication date: 6/2013


This report presents the analysis of 31 recent 1:1 learning initiatives, which equip students of a given school, class or age group with a portable computer device. Overall, the analysed initiatives involve approximately 47,000 schools and 17,480,000 students in primary and secondary education across 19 European countries. Based on desk research (analysis of country reports on 1:1 initiatives and a literature review), in-depth expert interviews and stakeholder consultation in an expert workshop, the implementation strategies, the financing models and the pedagogical frameworks of these initiatives are analysed. Policy options for mainstreaming 1:1 initiatives that focus on the notion of 1:1 learning rather than 1:1 devices and successfully promote technological, pedagogical and organizational innovation are also proposed, contributing to the Europe 2020 strategy to modernize Education and Training across Europe.

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