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FIDELIO 1: Fully Interregional Dynamic Econometric Long-term Input-Output Model for the EU27

  • Authors: Kurt Kratena, Gerhard Streicher, Umed Temurshoev, Antonio F. Amores, Iñaki Arto, Ignazio Mongelli, Frederik Neuwahl, José M. Rueda-Cantuche, Valeria Andreoni
  • EUR Number: 25985 EN
  • Publication date: 5/2013


In this report we present complete information about the Fully Interregional Dynamic Econometric Long-term Input-Output Model for the EU27 (FIDELIO 1). First, the macro overview of the model is discussed, which presents the main mechanisms of interactions between various blocks of FIDELIO. The second chapter explains the main economic theories underlying FIDELIO consumption, production and labour market blocks. Here, further econometric approaches for estimation of the parameters of all behavioural equations and their results are presented. Then, derivation of all the necessary base-year data (e.g., various commodity use structure and price structure matrices, trade matrix, base-year residuals, etc.) are discussed in detail. All FIDELIO equations are presented (with discussions) in Chapter 4. Finally, a full description of the data sources is given in the last chapter. It will become clear from this description document that FIDELIO is appropriate for the impact assessment purposes of diverse (economic and/or environmental) policy questions of our times.

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