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Enterprise Search in the European Union: A Techno-economic Analysis

  • Authors: Martin White, Stavri G. Nikolov
    Editors: Shara Monteleone, Ramon CompaƱo, Ioannis Maghiros
  • EUR Number: 26000 EN
  • Publication date: 6/2013


The installed base of enterprise search applications is still low in the EU (probably no greater than 10,000 organizations) and no dominant supplier of search applications exists. However, data suggest that there is a significant market potential in the EU for enterprise search and we can assume that the potential is considerable particularly for mid-sized companies that could benefit from using ES solutions. Moreover, the market for search applications is significantly larger than just the corporate sector and potential customer sectors would include Government departments and agencies, Hospitals and University. These are some of the insights emerged from a Delphi study conducted by IPTS and Intranet Focus Ltd in 2011 and from further analysis about ES. This report builds also on the results of the expert workshop organized at the IPTS, Seville, on Enterprise Search in Europe in October 2011. In particular, a number of challenges have been identified that need to be addressed at European level. For instance, efforts to meet changing business requirements, the lack of support post-implementation, or the lack of a search support team. Six important areas of technical development for enterprise search over the next five years have been identified (e.g., Integrated search of structured and un-structured content) in which, there are evolutions of current search technologies and products. Moreover, future trends in ES have been envisaged (for instance, in cloud-based and user-demand approach, open data models, interoperability). To our knowledge, this report contains the most complete and detailed techno-economic analysis of the ES market in the EU and includes an up-to-date list of existing ES vendors.

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